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Packing Tips For Your Next Ski Trip!

Packing Tips For Your Next Ski Trip!

Packing Tips For Your Next Ski Trip!

: This time of year is filled with plenty of trips to the snow and there is nothing better than planning an exciting trip to the slopes. However, you might be left wondering what you should pack and what is worth taking on the trip. Have no fear, our top packing tips for your next ski trip will have you prepared and ready no matter where you are headed.


1. Plan Ahead

When you go to pack for your trip, think about your vacation plans. How many days will you actually be on the slopes? Do you plan to go out to dinner as well? Write down your plans each day so you know exactly what you need to pack. This will help you feel ready for each occasion, while also not overpacking.


2. Lay Out Each Outfit

Once you have your plans laid out, put together each outfit. This will allow you to not only see the outfit ahead of time, but it will keep you from feeling frantic once you are on your vacation. There is nothing worse than feeling panicked and trying to put together an outfit last minute when all you want to do is enjoy your trip.


3. Pack Layers

Whether this is your first ski trip or you are a seasoned pro, one of the most important things you can do in order to stay warm and dry is to pack plenty of layers. While you are on the slopes, you will want base layers and then be able to put your ski jacket and pants on top. Even if you are preparing to go to dinner, you want to consider base layers under a long dress or skirt in order to stay warm in the freezing temperatures.


4. Don’t Forget a Swimsuit

No matter where you go on a ski trip, there is likely going to be a jacuzzi and it will be the one place you want to be after a chilly day on the mountain. Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit (or two) so you can ease your tired muscles and relax after a fun day of skiing!


With these tips, you are sure to be ready to hit the slopes in style while feeling organized and prepared for any occasion!

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