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5 Different Ways to Wear Braided Hair

5 Different Ways to Wear Braided Hair

5 Different Ways to Wear Braided Hair

Do you see people on the street sometimes and envy their fun hairstyles? Changing up the way you style hair can be a fun way to express your personal style and completely change your entire look for the day. We are going to talk about five different ways to wear braided hair!

1)    Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid can be a gorgeous way to wear your hair braided and still have plenty of ways to wear it. If you style your hair with two Dutch braids, you can pull into a ponytail, put the ends into a bun together, or even create two mini buns at the base of your head.

2)    Bubble Braid

If you aren’t familiar, a bubble braid is a braid that is pulled looser and then hair ties are put in between each braided section. A bubble braid can be done in a ponytail or in two pieces on top of your hair and then put into a half-up hairstyle.

3)    Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is a unique way of braiding that will give you a fun hairstyle to wear for any occasion. When your hair is in a fishtail braid, you can put it into a ponytail, do a half-up style, or even just do a full fishtail braid down your back.

4)    Crown Braid

A crown braid is just like it sounds. It is a braid that wraps around the crown of your head. A crown braid can be a stunning hairstyle for a special event or even daily wear if you find that crown braids are easy for you to do.

5)    French Braid

One of the most common braids is a French braid. This can be a great hairstyle to wear if you want to pull your hair back and you can easily have your hair braided all the way from the root down to the ends. To change up the French braid, you can also do two French braid pigtails.

We hope this gives you some ideas for ways to style your hair in braids! Braids can be a great way to bring a unique touch to your hairstyle and change things up for the warmer months!

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