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Summer Snacking at its Finest!

Summer Snacking at its Finest!

Summer Snacking at its Finest!

Whether you’re thinking about relaxing at the park, inviting friends over for a pool day, or planning a date night, a summer charcuterie board is always recommended. Creativity knows no bounds with charcuterie – find your favorite theme or stick to the classics with these helpful tips!

Pick out the meat and cheese. Depending on the setting, you’ll want to find options that can be out for a limited amount of time or hold up to warmer temperatures. For outdoors, an aged parmesan and dried salami is a smart move, while chilled blue cheese and prosciutto works better inside.

Add in that fresh summer bounty. In addition to meats and cheese, you’ll want to add plenty of the freshest summer flavors. Stone fruits like peaches and plums are delicious, while zucchini and Persian cucumbers are a stellar choice for vegetable. Cherry tomatoes and butter lettuce are also great options for dipping into different dips or sauces.

Finish with crunch (and sweetness). Round out the summer charcuterie board with an assortment of crackers or toasts. These serve as tasty vessels for meat and cheese, and can also be topped with dips or jams (try fig or apricot!).

Get creative with your board. Summer charcuterie doesn’t always need to be classic. Maybe you want to do a hot dog charcuterie, featuring grilled hot dogs, buns and plenty of fresh toppings and condiments. Or, consider a s’mores board with all the fixings you can think of to create an epic summer treat for you and friends!

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