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Reviving Retro: The Return of 90's Fashion and incoporating it into your wardrobe

Reviving Retro: The Return of 90's Fashion and incoporating it into your wardrobe

Reviving Retro: The Return of 90's Fashion and incoporating it into your wardrobe

It can be fun to see older trends coming back into style and for our 90s kids, this is a dream come true! You might be wondering how to style these 90s trends that are making a comeback, so we have rounded up our favorites!


1. Cardigans

Cardigans were a huge trend in the 90s and now they are being seen everywhere. Instead of wearing it over a tank like it used to be worn, it is chic to be worn buttoned up as its own top. You can find cardigans in a wide range of colors and choose whether you want something oversized, fitted, or even cropped. It is perfect to pair with your favorite denim or leather pants for a fun night out!


2. Claw Clips

We all remember the huge hair clips that were worn all the time in the 90s and they seem to be here to stay! You can find them in almost any color along with a standard claw style or even a square version for something a little edgier. Twist your hair back and wear your clip to work or for a casual drink with friends!


3. Bike Shorts

Bike shorts have become a key staple in a great athleisure outfit. For a true 90s look, you can pair your bike shorts with a great crewneck sweatshirt and pull on those tall socks with your favorite chunky sneakers. Not only are bike shorts great for a casual athleisure look, but they also make a comfortable outfit for the gym or yoga!


4. Fanny Packs

Sometimes referred to as belt bags, fanny packs have become increasingly popular again in recent years and we can see why! Whether you want to wear it casually with workout clothes or buy a leather version for a chicer and dressed-up look, they are the perfect way to store anything you would carry in a purse and allow you to keep your hands free!


5. Slip Dresses

Slip dresses were all the rage in the 90s and now you have probably seen them everywhere! They are made in almost every color and length and you are sure to find one that fits whatever event you are attending. From a date night to your best friend’s wedding, a slip dress is a simple, but stunning way to make a statement. 


Now you are ready to rock those 90s trends and make everyone jealous! Wearing something that has gone out of style and is now making a comeback can feel scary, but we know once you try out these 90s essentials, you will be in love!

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