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Nail Colors We’re Loving This September

Nail Colors We’re Loving This September

Nail Colors We’re Loving This September

Everyone knows that choosing a nail color may be one of the hardest decisions you have to make! There are endless options, and it can feel overwhelming to know what will look good and what is on trend at the moment. These are our top nail colors for September that we know you will love.


1)Candy Apple Red

Red is always an ideal choice for fall. It is classic, timeless, and will always look great. September is the perfect time of year to choose a bright red because you can still enjoy a brighter color as summer comes to an end, while beginning to embrace the fall season.


2) Dark Green

We know you might be thinking “no way” to green nails but hear us out. Green became one of the go-to colors in spring and it is carrying over into the summer and fall seasons. If you are hesitant about green, consider a darker green as it will give beautiful fall vibes while not being anything overly eye-catching.


3) Maroon or Burgundy

As with each year, you can never go wrong with shades that are reminiscent of red wine. Nothing screams chic more than deep maroon or burgundy nails. If you are unsure about going with a dark color for fall, you won’t regret this color.


4) Shades of Brown

Neutral nails tend to be the comfortable go-to when it comes to picking a color. If you prefer something that will go with any outfit you wear, consider different shades of brown. A deep chocolate brown can be beautiful, but you may also want to steer towards a lighter tan.


We hope these colors will give you some inspiration for this fall season that is quickly approaching! Next time you go to pick a nail color, choose one of these and you are guaranteed to be on-trend.

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